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An active circle of women investors


​NEOME is redefining the new investor profile. As a collaborative community that is led by women of all backgrounds, we encourage women to become investors, and more importantly, strive to create far-reaching impact, together.

By growing more women angels, the NEOME collaborative community attains unparalleled multi-level impact:

  • Provide fair and equal opportunity for all entrepreneurs.

  • Lead to gender equality, with more women taking leadership roles in startups.

  • Create new business and investment opportunities in areas and industries
    that benefit women and girls.

NEOME Investors

Our community comprises financial specialists, lawyers, accountants, doctors, tech experts, scientists, retail specialists and many more intriguing individuals who believe that investing as women means investing in the future of us all.

At NEOME, new investors and seasoned ones work together to review, asses, and determine the potential success of startups.  

NEOME women angel investors are:

  • Savvy ladies from diverse backgrounds

  • Oriented at making independent investment decisions, and happy to share knowledge and experiences.

  • We aspire to manage a personal investment portfolio, with alternative investments as an asset class.

  • Thrilled to learn and be part of trailblazing innovation.

  • Looking to expand our network with like-minded women from different verticals.

  • Accredited and qualified professional investors.

  • Ladies who believe that close collaboration of women is the only way to create change, and bring about positive impact that will shift the gender gap.

NEOME Leadership

Established in 2018 by Orit Alperovitz and Inbal Polak. We have since grown to include dozens of women from diverse backgrounds and investor levels.

מועדון השקעות לנשים, מועדון משקיעים, מועדון משקיעות, אנג'לים

Orit Alperovitz

Co-founder and CEO

  • Neome - Orit Alperovitz ln

Orit is a lawyer holding extensive experience in the financial industry and capital markets. She has worked as a legal counsel in both local and international financial institutions, including serving as a member of the management committee at UBS Israel and at the Edmond de Rothschild Group in Israel. 

Inbal Polak


  • NEOME - Inbal Polak ln

Inbal is a fund analyst, highly expertise in creating diverse investment solutions for capital markets. Inbal led the fund rating division at S&P Maalot, and worked as an investment fund analyst at UBS Israel. After leading Altshuler Shaham Alternative Investment Company, Inbal currently serves as head of the Investment Division in the Israel Securities Authority.

מועדון השקעות לנשים, מועדון משקיעים, מועדון משקיעות, אנג'לים

Sharon Gazit

Legal Advisor

  • NEOME - Sharon Gazit ln

Sharon is a partner at Goldfarb Seligman law firm, serving as the Head of Technology Department, and is a member of the firm’s executive committee.

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