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Our club holds exclusive events for members only, designed to welcome you into an active circle of women investors who are passionate about creating a new horizon. Our joint goal is to broaden and sharpen your insight on the path to making the investments you want, and becoming part of the new investor environment where women are also at the helm.

NEOME club membership offers the following exclusive benefits:

Professional Program

You can join one of our professional programs that bring participants up to speed on material know-how and key skills for making sound investments. We cater to everything you may need to be an investor, from definitions of basic terms, to training on proper due diligence processes, and more.  

In-depth Market Knowledge Events

Every meet-up focuses on a specific startup market or vertical, positioning you on the horizon for analyzing startups in each category and understanding the overall landscape.

Pitch events

For us, every investment in any startup is ultimately a personal journey. To ensure you can best embrace your role as an investor, we help you meet the founders of Israel’s top startups, so you can learn directly from them about their company, aspirations, plans, and groundbreaking innovation. 

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