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Is NEOME a fund?

NEOME is a club, not a fund. Unlike a fund, which is run by its executive team and all investments are done on behalf of the fund’s investors, in an investment club each investor can choose to play an active role, depending on their level of involvement.  NEOME members can choose to be part of the due diligence team, engage in the investment negotiation process, and make an individual investing decision, all of which are encouraged as part of our investment practices.

At NEOME, every investment is executed throughout a trustee, whose name will appear on the startups’ cap-tables. Together with the NEOME leadership team, the trustee manages additional cap-tables that reflect the exact holdings of each member.

Who is in the NEOME community?

Our members are all women angel investors, from diverse backgrounds and with various levels of expertise in different verticals, who meet NEOME’s Eligible Investor conditions, as defined under the Israeli Securities Law. We may also admit non-eligible investor members, pursuant to the regulatory requirements.

Is there any membership fee?

Yes, NEOME has annual membership fee, entitling members with our club’s full list of benefits, including access to top startups deal flow, training, enrichment members-only events, and a supportive community for joint investments.

Note: The NEOME leadership team is also entitled to a Success Fee (a carry) placed on any successful investment, at the rate of 15%, above a hurdle of 5%. The NEOME leadership team will share this fee with the investment team that created the successful investment and helped the startup grow.

Who decides in which companies we invest?

NEOME members play an active role in the screening and due diligence processes. Each member makes their own individual investment decision, based on their discretion, preference, and choice.

I don’t know anything about investing in HiTech. Can I still apply?

Of course. NEOME pairs investors that are just starting out with senior investors, to make sure all teams are well balanced. NEOME also offers community events, aimed at giving new investors the relevant tools they require for sourcing a company and conducting the due diligence process.

What are your target investments?

NEOME’s minimum ticket per investor is USD 10K. Our goal is to raise USD 150K- USD 250K per deal. We intend to have a seat on the boards of our portfolio companies (depending on total funding sums, and shareholding percentage), to support their growth and success.

Are there any excluded sectors?

NEOME’s main focus is early-stage startups. Excluded sectors include industries of high reputational risk (such as war industry, anti-money laundering, and gambling), or investments that have a high funding demand and a long period for proof of concept.

Who manages the due diligence process?

The NEOME leadership team oversees each due diligence process, assisted by club members that have the relevant know-how, expertise, and experience pertaining to the specific startup. Together, we comprise the lead investor team that runs the due diligence process and prepares the final report.

Do I need to allocate my money in advance?

No. Each NEOME member chooses the company in which she would like to invest, and the total amount (no less than the minimum ticket). These funds will be allocated only upon the execution of the investment agreement.

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